About Us

8Our Center is fully staffed by full-time professionals and assisted by our part-time support staff. Under the supervision of our staff, these carefully selected students work closely with the teachers in the classroom and attend weekly training.

Our primary aim is to provide a warm, supportive and creative atmosphere. Each room is “family-grouped”, enabling children to interact with others of different ages. Since children at this stage of their development “learn by doing,” there are plenty of hands-on activities that can at times build a child’s self-reliance.

We have a qualified and experienced team of administration staff and area coordinators who provide educator, parent and regulatory support on an ongoing basis.

Our staff foster a positive, non-sexist, non-violent and non-authoritarian, multi-cultural environment. Children are encouraged to express their feelings and needs verbally and to respect those of others. We also help children build positive self-images. Each child is regarded as an individual, as is each parent.

We are a source of emotional support, and an educational resource for the problems of everyday child-rearing. Parents are encouraged to take part in parental activities.

Our Services

* Convenient and local Family Day Care for 0-12 year old children taken care by trained and approved educators in the educator’s own home.

* In Home Care, a service that enables eligible applicants access to funded care in the convenience of their own family home.

* Flexible care hours include business hours, overnight, weekend, 24 hour, before/after school and vacation care.

* “Approved care” which can entitle users to child care benefit.

We are registered and safe.

For more information and/or an appointment, please contact us at (480) 435-9731