Home Child Care

8For busy parents, choosing the right type of home child-care can be challenging.

More and more parents are finding that they prefer the intimate setting and personal touches of home daycare or group home daycare to traditional preschools or daycare centers. Home childcarers are professional childcarers, offering children safe, good quality care and providing them with play and learning opportunities that contribute to their development inside an environment where they feel safe, their home.

 Day Care Pros home child care program is child care in a “family style” setting with flexible hours, family grouping and the opportunity for siblings to be in child care together. The caregiver develops a well-rounded program for the children with activities in the home and outdoors.

Since 2004, Day Care Pros has provided quality, trusted, flexible home childcare services.

Our advantages are:

* Limited number of children in each home

* Convenient location in your community

* Flexible hours/days of care

* Compliance with Municipal fire, health and by-law regulation

* Caregivers carefully selected to meet the needs of children and families.

We understand what parents want when it comes to childcare. Our program is designed for parents to flex around their working hours or study. Our registered childcare is useful for parents looking for flexible childcare solutions, whether you are in need of full day or part-time childcare. Our childcare is provided in the home of the family.

Our goal is to provide an affordable, valued and professional childcare service which is accessible to all families, and enjoyed by all children. Our payment options will suit your household budget, regardless of your income.

A home child carer enables parents to have their children cared for in their own home. Parents may be eligible for financial help towards the cost, for example, through the Working Tax Credit or NICs and tax exempt childcare vouchers.

Each home is unique and therefore the program varies from home to home. Families can usually expect a small number of children, snacks and hot lunches, sibling placements, participation in play groups and escorting to and from the local school. Many homes also offer flexible hours that can often accommodate families who work shifts or who need part-time, weekend or overnight care.

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