Pre School Traning

Preschool DaycareDay Care Pros” provides early intensive preschool training for holistic development of children in the developmental ages from 2 ½ to 6 years.

The preschool training covers all essential areas of early childhood development like self-help, cognitive, motor, and social with special emphasis on language skills development. The preschool training program is backed with development and ongoing up gradation of the curriculum for training in different skill areas and in different languages.

Supports for successful mainstreaming of children passing out of preschool and follow-up services. Development of varied innovative teaching-learning aids for preschool children for skill training in different areas (visuals, manipulative models, educational play materials, and interactive multimedia materials).

We are a licensed preschool and child care center under the Department of Children and Family Services. Our teachers are qualified and well educated professionals. Some have a two-year degree and others have a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and /or child development. Our child care practitioners are licensed by the state.

Our mission is to provide the daily care and exceptional education needed by your child in a unique, warm, and nurturing environment. Our curriculum is purposefully designed to teach to all areas of development. A strong emphasis is placed on the home-school relationship. Our primary goal is to provide a positive and happy learning experience for your child. In order to do this effectively, we focus on the overall development of your child which are: spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally.

We encourage you to participate in as many activities at the school as you possibly can. Our desire is to be of service to you and your family. The curriculum has been designed to specifically meet the needs of the students enrolled incorporating objectives that are developmentally appropriate for all age groups.

Our aim is to develop the total personality of each child by providing hands-on educational experiences of lasting values like spirituality, intellectual, socially / emotionally and physically.

In addition to our daily curriculum we offer:

  • Computers in every classroom
  • Monthly field trips
  • Parent education seminars
  • Christmas & graduation programs
  • Parent Dinners & Open Houses
  • Extra curricular activities

At Day Care Pros we believe that well trained staff and a great curriculum will provide children with a significant advantage in their education and overall well-being. Education is one of our primary goals. We try to provide all the necessary tools, stimulation and learning environment for each child to continuously and consistently develop and evolve.

From the tender age of 2 months until they are ready to leave the infant rooms the babies are exposed, at their own time and pace, to different learning tools like educational videos, one-on-one physical manipulation by a teacher in order to promote movement of joints, extremities and initiate crawling, standing up and eventually walking, singing and dancing activities, exploring new toys.

Contact us for more information at (480) 435-9731