Toddler Activities

10The creativity begins as a toddler. The smallest humans learn best through play.

Welcome to Day Care Pros, a place where you can find ways to have fun with your toddlers and teach your kids at the same time. There are so many awesome toddler activities and games out there, and no matter what you find, the most important thing is that you enjoy your time with your toddlers. Life is to be enjoyed, and you are the teacher.

Day Care Pros is a safe and nurturing environment where children ages 18 months to 3 years old have the freedom and ability to move and explore within an atmosphere of special understanding, support and respect. Activities include self-help skills that lead the children to independence, encourages concentration and builds self-esteem. These Practical Life activities involve grace and courtesy, care of the person, care of the environment, and control of movement. Toddlers practice dressing themselves, washing clothes, sweeping the floor, pouring and sharing snack.

Sensorial activities indoors and outdoors follow the toddlers’ urge to use their five senses and explore everything around them with increasing refinement. Children order and identify objects, learn to discriminate carefully, and use appropriate vocabulary to describe their experiences.

Day Care Pros appropriately accommodates the toddler’s sensitive period for language by offering attractive and creative activities that help them build their growing vocabulary and involve receptive and expressive language. Children experiment daily with creative art activities through a wide variety of media such as finger paint, watercolors, clay, chalk, pastels, collage, chunky pencils, etc…

The process of experimentation is emphasized over the end result, which encourages creativity and self-expression. Toddlers love music; during circle time, they listen, sing, and react to many types of popular and classical music. Action songs and finger-plays help them gain control of their voices and bodies.

Our toddler activities are innovative, fun activities that parents can do with their kids almost any time of the day. These games and activities are designed to encourage developmental skills in two and three year olds. They make it easy for parents to fulfill the duties of one of their most important roles as a parent – that of a teacher.

Our toddler activities give parents plenty of ideas on how to keep their young ones productively busy. Toddlers spend most of their time at home, but letting toddlers play outdoors is also important for their overall development.

Come to “Day Care Pros” for fun toddler activities that you can use to turn play time into learning time and special bonding time with your young ones.

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